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Madonna is a right Cowell

Taken from The Sun:,,2004471233,00.html

MADONNA is on course to claim SIMON COWELL's crown as the world's
toughest talent-show judge.
The Queen of Pop is stepping into Mr Nasty's high-waisted trousers in a
new US star-search programme to be fronted by hip-hop singer MISSY

Madge got the thumbs-up from producers after destroying hopefuls during
a screen test with some of the most biting criticism ever seen on a
talent show.

Many of her comments were so strong they made Simon Cowell sound like
Snow White, so we've used some computer trickery to turn her into the
scourge of showbiz.

A source close to Madonna told me: "She doesn't suffer fools gladly. She
will have no patience with the have-a-go heroes trying to make a name
for themselves.

"If someone walks into the room the wrong way she'll say 'no' before a
note is sung and that will be their chance gone.

"She will reduce people to tears because she is so direct.

"Her comments really find their targets, they don't go flying past and
hit the wall. There is no pantomime about her performance.

"She plays the role of a judge as she is in real life. There is no
showing off like there is with Cowell.

"Only real hopefuls will get through to be judged by her. She is
brilliant at separating talent from over-confidence and the best thing
is that nobody can argue with her verdict."

Madge filmed her screen test for the show in a London studio a month ago
after she finished her Re-Invention tour.

She was given tapes of hopefuls and the producers recorded her reaction.

Missy Elliott personally asked Madge to collaborate on the show after
they got to know each other while making a series of Gap adverts

They became so close they have given each other nicknames.

Madonna calls Missy "Miss Lissa" and Missy calls Madonna "Mad." The new
talent show, which has a working title of The Road To Stardom With Missy
Elliott, has been pencilled in for launch on American television early
next year.

I am told Madonna also expects it to be broadcast in Britain soon

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