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Prince meetup and Guy in Above Apartment downtown encounter!

Okay so I had the best night, in a while!

So I went to meet up with my Prince friends at the Greek Cuisina downtown, where they have belly dancing and a singer and other greek things going on. I got there around 7:45ish and it started at 7pm so I was like crap. Anywho, I go in, and the guys like do you have reservations, and I didn't know if we did so I said if there were any, it would be under Bens name. Well he couldn't find any downstairs so he gave me a wrist band after asking if I was 21 which I said yes, and sent me upstairs to look for them there. I looked around and couldn't find them, so I went back downstairs and outside, and I was gonna go jump on the bus but I didn't want I decide to hang outside for a while maybe they hadn't shown up. So I go back up the block and right then I ran into Ben, he had been upstairs and I hadn't seen him, he thought he saw me but wasn't sure. He had come out to get his cell to make sure I hadn't called or something. Hehehe. That was lucky in and of it self.

So I meet Dana and Gia new Prince friends, both live in Portland around my age, both graphic designers. Very very nice people! Sat by Nicole and Ben, which are both very nice and funny. So the Belly dancing and the food and all the hype at the restuarant wasn't even the best part of the night. It was cool and all, just hanging out but it was way way loud in the restaurant we were sitting like RIGHT by the speakers. BUT THE ULTUMIT THING!

We go outside right...walking to our cars - Dana and Gia said they would give me a ride home cause they are extra nice like that. But Nicole or Ben see these people in the above apartments downtown across from this wedding shop place, and the guy and some other people were starring at us, so we wave at them, and they wave back, so the guy goes and gets his guitar and I yell "HEY DO YOU KNOW ANY PRINCE?!!" And he yells back, yeah hold on a sec, so I figure hes going to like play on his guitar a prince song, we are laughing and being all giddy cause we are excited hes going to play something, and then he has BLASTING GETT OFF!!!!!! MY ALL TIME FAVORITE PRINCE SONG!!!! LMAO!!! It was fucking hilarious! And him, and his girl friend are dancing and GETING DOWN! It was so great, I couldn't believe it. He was blasting it so loud, so I take Nicole and go over and ask him if hes a big fan of him and if he wants to be invited to our next meet up and he's just like no you guys arent really meeting up for that and we were like, yes we are serious, and then Nicole explains what we do and he was like no thats cool, I just enjoy his music, people got to have a little Prince and then I asked him, does this happen to you a lot and he's like, yeah, sorta lots of weird people downtown, who needs TV?! I was just like wow. That made my fucking night even better than it already was. Dancing and yelling at some guy in his 2 floor apartment across the street in downtown! Then they headed out and said thanks again! Pretty freaking awesome! Did I mention he was cute to? Well yes that too. Hehehe WOO!
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