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Madonna's university challenge,,4-2004452353,00.html

THERE are a few challenges left for MADONNA - and a university degree is
one of them.

Having pretty much conquered the world of pop, Madge is now set to read
Literature at Oxford University.

The Material Girl is to further her knowledge of British literary greats
such as Shakespeare, Thomas Hardy and Jane Austen by studying for a
Bachelor of Arts qualification.

But undergraduates should not get too excited about sharing halls of
residence with her - she will be doing the course from home.

A source said: "Madonna was always frustrated about having to sacrifice
her education when her music career took off.

"She is fiercely intelligent and incredibly well read and has always
taken a keen interest in literature. She is determined to get a

"She sets herself new challenges all the time and the Oxford University
course is her latest.

"It's an illustrious place to study and she was delighted to be accepted
and will make the most of the opportunity."

Madonna is a dab hand on the computer and researched courses where she
could study from home and submit her assignments online - from anywhere
in the world. And distance learning at Oxford means just that.

Its Faculty of English is the largest in the UK with about 100
professors and lecturers.

Madge was 19 and learning dance after finishing school in Michigan when
her pop career took off.

Since then the Queen of Pop has longed to get her education back on
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