Jeanna (jeanlou629) wrote,

OKay....So where have you been? What were you doing all this time?

So I am back, I remembered my password, yay! I have reclaimed my stupid Lj!

And I thought I may have lost you!

So yeah... the past two years, I had gotten a job at a downtown restuarant called The Greek Cusina...I started there in the beginning of November. I was working as a Hostess, and doing banquets..a month into it, I got moved up into reservations, working in the owners office, basically being an admin for a 3 story restuarant...that had outside catering, a banquet hall...3 level night club, and 3 level bar area, on top of a deli being reopened... I did reservations for 4 days a week, on top of my full time schedule in the restuarant.
Then after doing that for 4 months, I was moved up to being a server after being begged by the staff...I never really wanted the hectic work enviroment...Plus the owner was a crazed psycho who would flip peoples trays if they were missing a spoon...But I gave in, a couple weeks after that, I was asked to help in the management department...A girl named Annie, and I became the general restuarant managers...right under the owners...I did that until I quit, in May of this year. I was working 100-150hours every two weeks...I don't know how I did it.

I left the Greek because it wasn't my home anymore. I escaped from my real life into my job, and it got to a point, I was trying to escape from my job...
Escape where though? To my life, that I was escaping from? No.

Restuarants are where addicts hide... Under the pressed shirts, and the smiley demeanor, thats where you can find all your common drug addicts.
They make fast money for even faster highs, and unlike most work enviroments, it is accepted....expected...If you don't drink.... You are an outcast, that has no social ties/interest for the other employees to relate to you.

I never really drank before I turned 21. I got hired a month before I turned 21 at the Greek. Within a couple months I was drinking on a regular basis...Nothing too drastic...A year later I started to cave...

There was a haze developing over the Greek... A white snowy haze that was, something that was very behind closed doors and hush hush when I first started, but after all the management changes, new additions to the staff and general chaos being started spreading like wide was a bartender...server...I've been in the industry for this many years...thing, when I started. It was a rumor that you only knew as that...a rumor.

But in November...right before my birthday, when I turned 22, I tried it. Cocaine. With someone that I saw as under me, pee-on status. A host. Hosts weren't preeve to the partying scene. They were outsiders. They were the snitch, the bubble-gummer that you knew was in the news that O'Ded. They couldnt afford it for one, so that makes it one reason why they weren't playing with the devils dandruff.

The haze was let out, it started becoming a fog at work. Everyone at my job was on it, or was doing it on the weekends...Some were doing it while on shift in the bathroom, up in the break room, or in the cooks basement...It became so accessible that 2-3 people were selling that worked there.

When a bartender that had been there for quite a while found out I was doing it...he said..."What, Jeanna's doing is an epidemic..." I was known for being able to set boundaries and not do what everyone else would do...but this was something different...Anywho. Thats the first chapter. There you guys go. Where I've been....

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