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Just rambling.

I woke up at 6:45am yesterday morning to go to work at 8am, for my first training day at Olive Garden.
I watched a video and did great heaps of paper work, that I can't believe existed. Read the employee handbook I was in 5th grade...Had 8 other training people in the class, two who most likely use to be hosts since they were familiar with the manager that was teaching it.

Then since I got like 2 and half hours of sleep I went back to bed, after making everyone breakfast. I didn't feel well the rest of the day waking up and going back to sleep the rest of it. I watched the end of swingers, the d list and 200 ciggerettes.

Becca decided to talk indepth about some stuff, I didn't really expect. I talked about some things I didn't really think I would touch on. That's what I like to do though, surprise myself into doing and thinking new things. Unlike other people I don't board my feelings up like a shack and tell people, it's private propert, and there is no tresspassing if they try to get in.

I almost got arrested the other day. That was hot. In more ways than one. Oh the policia. Don't you have better things to do? I guess not.

My dad lands in Vegas today, he told me on the phone this afternoon. I guess he will not be stopping by though. Too long driving time. I don't think it's been long enough anyways. I would much rather it be, when I may miss him, a little, unlike now.

I am back on my vampire schedule. I hate it, when I am like this because I feel sick all the time, with my brain being all fuck you it's light out.

People that I miss that it pisses me off - Anna, Adam and Andrew.

Yeah. I hate you guys.

I don't understand that. How can you be someones friend and then just up and decide one day, never to talk to them, or call them or anything? How does that work? And not just any friend, bestfriend.

Then I wonder if those relationships were ever real, or were they just false. I don't know if I believe in moving on with life, and losing contact. I think that's just a cop-out.

I don't know. I guess it wouldn't bother me so much, if I didn't think about it.

I also miss Ken, where the hell are you hmm?

Hey but I get health, and dental....and a 401k...and an emergency money with this company so why am I being so negative and needy? Tssh.
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i think it's really common in break-up scenarios for people to deal with the pain or gain closure on the situation by having a period of time without much contact in the other person's life. either by flat out saying "i can't be around you (it's to hard, to awkward, to this or that, blah blah)" or by finding reasons, etc. etc. to not be around/like/enjoy the other for a while. sometimes people are able to get over the awkwardness and start hanging out again - i think we could've hung out and such after a while, but we got wrapped up in other things, you know? and then when i gave you a chance, you fuckin' moved to L.A! - i mean "phoenix"....whatever. anyways, when you get tired of cement and red rock, come say hi in portland.
You aren't going back to portland I thought?

Well either way.

I think what I really wished would have happened if you had forced me to still hang out with you, be your friend. Hah. Because I am a masochist.


it's never too late, homie. we're the type of people that make good friendships. like we said on the phone, i'm sure i'll seeyou around.
Andrew, you're not my homie, nor am I to be referred to as your homie...lmao. Dork. Anyways! Yes I know. I know. I am just bitching and moaning, just ignore me! You are not suppose to actually read this stuff, anyways. Common!

Take care,
YOU hate ME?! You're the one who dissapeared for what seems like an eternity and then all the sudden comes back out of nowhere. Not that I'm not thrilled you're back in business and reaffirming your social and emotional contacts but I had absolutely no way to reach you. The cell you had given me didn't work, I had no way to reach you online, and I wasn't about to call the house number I have for you because I felt greatly out-of-the-loop. I actually did try the house number a few times months-and-months back but I wouldn't get you. And the reason why I don't call now is like I told you, I have 4 numbers for you now... I have no idea which one's the most current and most efficient! AND I'm still working, dork... and I figure if I get you on the phone it's going to be quite a lengthly conversation hence why I don't want to have it between other calls at the call center. Capiche?

And why are you living in Arizona now?! I thought you loooooved p-town?!
Well Adam,

I know you aren't working all hours of the day. I'm living in Phoenix because I wanted a change. I gave you my new number. You are choosing not to put it in your phone and delete the others....I know it's not that hard. I know the call is going to be longer than average but so what? What kind of excuse is that? kdlfjskjfdklsj

I don't know what else to say.



BUT WHICH ONE?!?!?!?! These are the 2 I just had from recently... i'll delete the others, but which one?!?!?!?!
Well, that's simple. The 971 is my cell number....and the 602 is the house I am at's number. The 602 you can keep forever, since it won't change. That's beccas house. And the 971 is my cell that I have. that you can call me at, at anytime. Okay?

Does that make sense, what's your number so I can have it?

916 343 1684 - that's my cell, i don't have a house number because, well... because im homeless! no, jk... i just dont have a house number...

I know Adam, jesus. I will soon enough. You aren't homeless, it's like an overcrowded hostel right? :-) I don't really use the house number either. That's in case I disappear into the abyss of Vh1 behind the non-existent music. Dork.

Anyways, I miss you! I watched too-wong-foo tonight and thought about you!

hey jeanna remember me? remember when we watched memento and we had to rewind it like 15363 times to figure out what was going on? i do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey Taylor~

Yeah you know I remember you. Anthony Zoch came into my old work about 3-4 months ago. He was pleasant. But you know. So I read you are up in Canada? Enjoying it I hope?

Let me know what you are up to!

Take care,
oh how i've missed these posts!
Yes, I know...I miss me complaing and whining too! Hah. No.

Take care,
i didnt expect to talk about some of that shit either sorry if it was on a tmi level
I didn't say that.

I just didn't expect it.