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Work, at the O.C...I mean O.G and I am not saying Originial Gangsta!

Yesterday, I had my first real day at work. It consisted of doing a training class of 7 hours. 1 santitation test. Lots of chanting, corperate a cult...memormizing....reading like 80 pages in a handbook....reading aloud...endorse,inform and some other shit, that I guess I didn't chant enough, that consisted of me describing food to customers, for about an hour and half. Watching a 1990s video, and making a friend that reminds me of Bonnie.

I have 7 people in my training class and I don't care for any of them except for a girl named Katie, who is awesome. The rest of the people are lo-sers.

David - Geeky guy, really annoying obnoxious, wants to make friends too fast. Likes to listen to the sound of his own voice.

Daniel - Not up to par for the job he applied for.

Cristine - Use to be/could still be meth addict, stage 35 on the poster, who likes to act like our bullshit class is some sort of competition because shes 28 and looks like she's 55.

Alex - really have nothing bad to say about him - quiet. Around my age.

Brenda - Really bitchy host girl, who thinks she knows how to serve because she use to host. Likes to text during the class training

and then there is
Katie! Nice, girl, who sat by me in orientation, who isn't weird. Doesn't do meth, or make stupid comments about things I could care not discuss. She is also not from Phx, like me too. She is from Boston.

That is about it other than I hate the fact they have another Gina at my work as well.

Bah. Get a new name.

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