Jeanna (jeanlou629) wrote,

Craziness lastnight

So my girlfriends decide to go to walmart, at 3:30 in the morning, and I am feeling like im gonna puke right, they tell me to lay down and they will be coming home to bring me food right. Well I get up off the couch to try and catch up with them before they left so I could go with them. Well I didnt find them. and I ran pretty far to go look for them, so I am like wasted, in a huge apartment complex and have no idea where I am. Tina thankfully gave me her phone, and said for me to call her if I needed anything, but she didnt have the other that was with her, phone number programed into her phone, so I call tinas roommate (the girl I am staying the night with) and she answers like 4 or 5 times, but I couldnt understand what number she was saying the apartment she was, I kept thinking it was something with a 1 on the end of it. I go up to one apartment, and knock on a guys door and I am saying Heathers name, and a guy answers and is like... are you alright? Do you need to come inside, and I wouldnt look at him, cause I didnt want him to molest me or anything, I finally got off the step of the stairs and went again in search for apartment, and then finally I call heather one last time, and finally find the apartment, this is like an hour later. Tina didnt even know that I was gone though, until I woke up this morning to tell her....
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